The Best And Most Successful Business Partnerships In History

Some people prefer to start a business on their own. Others, however, realize the power of a strong partnership (some sooner than others). Over the years, there have been countless business partnerships that have accomplished big things in their respective industries. Here, we’re going to discuss some of the best business duos of all time. We’ll learn why going into business with a partner worked for these people and how they ultimately found success.

Sheryl Sandberg And Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook

Sandberg and Zuckerberg at an event

Sheryl Sandberg wasn’t in the Harvard dorm room when Facebook got its start, but she’s played an integral part in the growth of today’s largest social media platform. While Zuckerberg has been the mastermind behind Facebook since day one, his second in command, Sheryl Sandberg, has had a big hand in the company’s success.

Like many good business partnerships, Sandberg and Zuckerberg have a strong relationship outside of work. For example, Sandberg noted that Zuckerberg was instrumental in her ability to rejoin the company after her husband’s death. “Mark talked to me every day, came over to my house every day and was just there for me and my children — and his wife, Priscilla was — in every way possible.”