Millionaires Who Didn’t Become Rich Until Later In Life

We all know about the young billionaires that found success early in their lives, like Mark Zuckerberg and Evan Spiegel. While these people achieved incredible feats at an early age, they are certainly not the norm. Many people who make the billionaires list didn’t find success until later in their lives.

Studies show that, on average, it takes a person 32 years to become a billionaire. But if you are looking to join the billionaire’s club, it’s never too late. Here are the millionaires and billionaires who didn’t find success until much later in their lives.

Vera Wang, Estimated Net Worth: $420 Million

JP Yim/Getty Images
JP Yim/Getty Images

Vera Wang is one of the beloved icons in the fashion world and her couture outfits are worn by celebrities everywhere. However, Wang was not always a part of the fashion world. In fact, she was a former figure skater and took part in the U.S Figure Skating Championship but did not qualify for the Olympics.

After college, Wang was hired at Vogue where she worked her way up the ladder to become editor-in-chief of the magazine. It wasn’t until she hit 40-years-old that she entered the fashion world and designed her own gowns. Her net worth is over $400 million today.