These Are the Worst Pickup Trucks of All Time

Pickup trucks are the kings of the road in the United States. After the miles-per-gallon scare at the turn of the century ended, the popularity of these mighty beasts came back in a big way. That doesn’t mean every truck produced is good though. The truth is, the more popular a product becomes, the faster the automakers will look to push out similar products to make a quick buck. Throughout history, this has made buying a pickup truck a high-risk, high-reward endeavor. Here are the worst of the worst pickup trucks that you will absolutely want to avoid at all costs.

The Mazda B Series Lacked Power

Greg Gjerdingen/Flickr
Greg Gjerdingen/Flickr

On the surface, there was nothing wrong with the Mazda B-Series pickup truck. It was aesthetically pleasing and modern. Underneath the hood, however, this truck was a clunker. Mazda made the mistake of designing this car for commuters, sacrificing the power pickup truck owners expected for efficiency.

If Mazda had focused more on hauling power, they could have had a huge hit on their hands. Instead, the company released what is considered today as one of the worst pickup trucks ever put on the market.