The Most Epic Car Masterpieces From The ’70s

Car manufacturers were handed some serious challenges in the seventies. Federal regulations were starting to take over style and power design meeting rooms with many cars taking a significant hit.

While some companies were making iconic designs, many others were pumping out cars like the Porsche Turbo and Lotus Espirit. It might have been the worst of times for cars in this particular decade, but some diamonds in the rough came out for the better.

1970 Buick GSZ Stage 1


The GSX was Buick’s contribution to the Classic era American car muscle list. The GSX was Buick’s answer to its competitors at the time. Chevrolet and Dodge both had popular muscle cars, and Buick was hungry to get in the game.

The standard vehicle came with a 455ci engine during the first year of release. During 1971 and 1972, the GSX option was only available in only two colors, Saturn Yellow and Apollo White with the 455ci stump-puller and black interior.