These Dangerous Cars And Trucks Will Have Your Heart Racing For All The Wrong Reasons

Not all vehicles are made with the same quality. Some automakers have a reputation for producing safe cars, while others pay more attention to performance. Every now and then, a questionable car model hits the market with safety risks often unknown to the consumer. We’re looking at you, Pinto.

These cars can turn road trips into real-life horror movies. If that’s not a risk you’re willing to take, then you need to read this list. We’ve identified the most dangerous cars ever made, and while you might not have one in your driveway, you might not want to ride shotgun if your friend has one.

Pontiac Fieros Were Lit. Literally.

pontiac fiero most dangerous cars ever made
John Prieto/The Denver Post via Getty Images
John Prieto/The Denver Post via Getty Images

Like some other cars on this list, Pontiac Fiero had quite the explosive problem. The car was designed using an older engine that needed to be modified to fit under the hood. Engineers, however, forgot to redesign the dipstick, causing oil levels to be read inaccurately. This, in turn, led to constant engine fires.

In 1987, it was reported that 20 Fieros a month were getting lit up. Luckily for Pontiac, no one was killed. The next year, the brand ended production on the car as sales slumped.