These Athletes Found Continued Success After Retirement

In 2009, Sports Illustrated published an article that revealed that 78% of NFL athletes go bankrupt or are under financial stress two years after retirement. For NBA players, it was 60% that end up bankrupt within five years of retirement. None of those statistics are flattering, considering those players made hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars throughout their careers. Thankfully, in recent years, many athletes have become more financially literate thanks to various league efforts, and those numbers are declining. Some go on to make a tremendous amount of capital after their playing days are over thanks to savvy investments and general business decisions. Here are the athletes who have continued to make a fortune after retirement.

Steve Nash Stays Involved With Sports

Matteo Marchi/Getty Images
Matteo Marchi/Getty Images

The former two-time back-to-back MVP Steve Nash put together an immaculate NBA career. The only thing he didn’t accomplish was winning a championship ring, but he has the title of best Canadian player. After earning millions thanks to his ability to assist and score so well, he became an entrepreneur.

The Santa Clara University graduate works closely with Nike, producing, and writing videos for the brand. Nash also invested in soccer clubs RCD Mallorca and the Vancouver Whitecaps. He also has his Steve Nash Sports Club which helps his $95 million net worth.