Things Found Around Your Home That Can Be Worth A Fortune

Every house has a story to tell. Some houses greet guests and families with those stories on a day-to-day basis. Others sit untouched for years, waiting for their stories to finally be told. The house you’re about to learn about had to wait 40 years for someone to listen.

That person was Bryan Sansivero. He was given special permission to enter the abandoned house and document its history. What he found will surprise you, just like it surprised him when he stepped foot inside for the first time!

Retro Video Games Can Fetch A Pretty Penny

Men playing video games

It’s true! While retro video games that have spent years in a box under the bed might not seem like items that are going to make you money, they can fetch a pretty penny these days.

Games like Super Mario RPG and Chrono Trigger are likely to make you some cash, with copies of Chrono Trigger selling for up to $600. The rarer a video game is, the more likely you are to be able to make some money from it. Definitely worth having a look through the old video games that you had totally forgotten about!

Polly Pocket Might Be Small But She Can Bring In Big Bucks

Polly Pocket toys hang on display in a M

Any 90s kid will know about Polly Pocket, and many of us have begged our parents to let us keep them even when we were probably too old to still be playing with dolls. However, thank goodness you did put in the effort to keep them, as they’re now worth a fortune!

These little figures were a staple of any little girls’ childhood, but due to the rarity some of the special edition accessories they are now selling for hundreds of dollars. Who knew that Polly Pocket would become so sought after!

Pokémon Cards = Cash

Pokemon European International Championships
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No child grew up in the ’90s and ’00s without knowing about Pokémon cards. We all had a collection, and spent hours trading cards with people in our classes in order to try and get our grubby little hands on the rarest and shiniest cards.

Turns out that all that trading and arguing over cards wasn’t in vain, as now the rarer Pokémon cards like the Holograph Charizard fetch hundreds and even thousands of dollars! If you used to have a collection (and who didn’t!) then it’s time to get searching.

You’re Lucky If You Held Onto Your Typewriter

Kirkland Museum
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Yes, we know. They seem pretty useless in the modern world of digital, but these little gems are worth a lot of money these days. Whether you had a typewriter passed down to you or if you bought one at a yard sale a few years ago, it’s worth taking a look at the make and model, as some are worth a lot of money.

The typewriters that sell for the highest amounts are usually those that are functioning well, or are rare editions of a classic manufacturer. If you don’t know much about typewriters, but know you have one somewhere, then get your research going.

Beatles Memorabilia Still Causes Mania

Ireland's biggest Beatles fan
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Everyone the world over loves The Beatles, so it makes sense that their memorabilia is worth a lot. Whether you have an old vinyl or a signature from the 60s, Beatles memorabilia can make you some serious cash.

Tour programs and tickets sell for a nice sum, along with anything vintage and Beatles related. However, if you want to make the big bucks you need to start looking for rare vinyls like 1970’s Hey Jude and 1966’s Revolver. These fetch hundreds of dollars and aren’t so rare that it’s inconceivable that you may be in possession of one.

An Obsession With Comics Could Pay Off

Charles F. Murphy Discussing Comic Books Display
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Who would have thought that the comics you bought as a kid could be worth a lot now? Don’t get too excited just yet though, in order to make a nice profit from a comic book it will need to be in great condition.

Rarer comics can sell for $50-100 each. That means if you originally bought each part of your comics collection for a couple of dollars, you’ve made a nice amount off of your comic book obsession over the years!

First Edition Books Can Fetch Paper Currency


How many books do you have lying around your house that have just appeared there over the years? Many of us have a bookcase full of books that were gifted or passed down, that have never been explored.

However, with first edition books being among some of the most valuable collectibles, it’s time to get a little dusty as you discover whether any of your books are first editions. It’s worth your time, as a first edition book can bring in a life-changing amount of money. Books bring in big bucks, with a first edition Charles Dickens fetching half a million dollars. No biggie.

Believe It Or Not, Yearbooks Can Be Worth A Lot

Orange County Register Archive
Scott Varley/Digital First Media/Torrance Daily Breeze via Getty Images

Did you go to high school with someone famous? Even if they didn’t write in your yearbook, it could be worth a fortune. Lots of celebrity yearbook photos are funny or feature a memorable quote that might mean something special to a die-hard fan.

If you went to school with someone famous, it’s worth seeing whether your yearbook would sell on eBay for a fortune. While many of us would like to keep our yearbooks for the memories, there are probably those out there who would rather have the money. Get investigating!

It’s No Secret That Some Jewelry Is Pretty Valuable


If you’ve got a diamond ring or two hanging out in your jewelry box, then you probably already know how much it’s worth. However, it’s not just pure stones and expensive metals that make money.

Costume jewelry is extremely popular as a cheaper option, however, some pieces of costume jewelry that have been around for a good amount of time can be worth some money. The rarer they are, the more likely they are to sell for high prices, and if they relate to a historic time period or have been worn by someone famous this will also increase their value.

Tick, Tock, Check Your Nicer Watches

Grand Opening - Munich's new splendid mile in
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Due to value of these bad boys, it’s unlikely that you’re going to have one just lying around the house. However, if you know you have a watch that could be worth a bit then it’s time to check out the actual value as watches have been up there with some of the best investments in recent years.

Rolex is one of the most valuable brands and gold, platinum, and custom made models will make you a lot of money. It’s time to take that vintage watch to a jewelry shop and get it valued!

Vintage Handbags Can Earn A Lot Of Money

Street Style - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2019/2020 : Day Nine
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Now is the moment where you can turn to your partner and go “HA! I told you so.” It turns out that the designer bag that you simply HAD to have all those years ago is probably worth some money now.

Vintage bags hold their value quite well in general, however, special edition bags that are in good condition will make you money as the years go on. Vintage Chanel is the most likely to earn you money, as well as anything custom made or rare. Dig out those vintage handbags ladies (that’s if you can deal with parting with them!).

Old Silverware Can Be Surprisingly Valuable

Meal At Beacon Pantry
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It’s hard to get a good set of silverware these days, which is why vintage silverware can be worth a lot of money. If you still use your grandma’s old silverware set and keep the newer ones for special occasions, you may have your priorities the wrong way round!

Antique silverware from big brand names can fetch up to $20,000 while less well-known brands will still come in at a couple of thousand. The way it was made back in the day means the silver content is high, and the metal itself is worth a lot.

Keep An Eye Out For Old Advertisements And Signs

Magic of Whiskey in Ireland
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Whether you have a movie poster from the ’60s that’s just gathering dust, or a sign for Coca-Cola that is stored in the attic, vintage ad signs are worth a lot of money.

The rarer the ad sign, the more you’ll get. However, they are often collected by bars and pubs who want to use them as decorations, so even the more common signs can earn you some pocket money. Even gas and car signs will make you some cash, so if you know you have a few unusual vintage signs somewhere, it’s time to dig them out!

If You Can Let Go Of Your Lego Collection, It Might Pay Off


Yes, really! The annoying little pieces of Lego that used to get stuck between your toes as a child are now worth a lot of money.

Hopefully, you were able to convince your mom to let you stash your Lego blocks in the shed, garage, or attic and can grab them back. Unbelievably, some Lego collections sell for up to $15,000 and can continue to hold value as the years go on. If you have some rare Lego, it might be a good idea to seal it up and keep it safe for your retirement fund!

Furby Financial Lesson

New Furby Launch
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These furry little guys might have wreaked havoc for you as a kid. From teaching them to “talk” to trying to make them move and blink when you told them to, they were difficult toys to master.

However, if you were really into Furbys and had a collection, or you were lucky enough to have a limited edition toy, you could be sitting on hundreds of dollars. Sets are worth more, and those that haven’t been touched and are still in original packaging go for larger sums, but even Furbys that have been used are worth more than they were 20 years ago.

People Are Still Buying Beanie Babies

PGA TOUR - 2004 John Deere Classic - Final Round
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Weirdly enough, toys with defects or slight errors sell for more due to their rarity, along with special edition Beanie Babies which are easier to sell.

Collections and Beanie Babies with errors, or rare purchases might fetch a couple of hundred dollars — which is a lot more than what they were bought for in the’ 90s. While the craze of Beanie Babies had us thinking that we’d all be millionaires by collecting as many as we could, that’s not strictly true. The toys have to be a little different to make money, but if you’ve got a special edition then you’re in luck!

Big Bucks For Barbies

Barbie Doll Exhibition At
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Everyone loved Barbie, and since they’ve been around since the ’50s there are quite a few in existence. In fact, over a billion Barbie dolls have been sold since their creation, so unsurprisingly not every Barbie is worth something.

The ones that can sell for up to $25,000 are the original Barbies. If you have any original versions lying around it’s time to celebrate! Other models that also make money are the limited edition versions such as the Marie Antoinette Barbie (random!) and the Totally Hair Barbie.

China Sets: Ka-Ching!

Ralf Hirschberger/picture alliance via Getty Images

China sets are something that many houses have but rarely use. If you’ve got a nice little collection gathering dust somewhere, it might be time to part with it. China sets can make a lot of money depending on their age, manufacturer, and quality.

Antique porcelain will line your pockets nicely, while anything from the early part of the last century will also create a nice little payday. Really, really old stuff from before the 1800s will sometimes go for thousands, so it’s worth keeping an eye on the value of your crockery!

Money Madness

GG XI v New Zealand - Tour Match
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Money can be worth a lot more than the value of the note or coin itself. Coins can be worth a lot of money depending on what’s on them. Many coins are limited edition or have now gone out of production, which has increased their value. Collectors will pay hundreds to get their hands on the missing piece to their set.

There are plenty of websites that will buy your money and guide you through the process of selling.

Go Team! Find Your Old Football (Soccer) Programs

Huddersfield Town v Arsenal - Premier League - John Smith's Stadium
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Whether you dedicated your time to going to every game with your dad as a child, or you just went to one football match while abroad in 1977, that football program you picked up could be worth a lot of money.

Many games have gone down in history and for that reason, the programs are worth a lot. The 1966 World Cup Win for England vs Germany is very collectible and will make you a lot of money, however, most football programs as part of a collection will fetch a good price nowadays. Anything over 50 years old will sell for a lot more than it was originally bought for.