These Are The Best And Worst Careers To Find Your Soul Mate

Daniel Johnston once sang this about true love: “only if you’re looking can it find you, ’cause true love is searching too.” In today’s world, however, it feels impossible to look for love when you’re already working 40 or more hours a week to live. Plus, the older you get, the less exciting it is to go out on a Friday night with your warm cozy bed waiting up for you. If this sounds like you, then we have the answers you’ve been looking for. These are the best jobs to find love in the workplace, as well as the ones to avoid. Sometimes there’s no better place to meet someone than the place you’ve crossed paths with them several times already!

Which one of these jobs will you be changing your career to?

Petroleum Mining Creates Relationships That Last

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Stick with us on this one. If you’re a woman looking for a man with a stable income who is loyal almost to a fault, then you want to meet, fall in love with, and marry a petroleum miner. On average they make $130,000 a year and are 18 times more likely to stick to their vows than ask for a divorce.

The divorce rate is one of the lowest percentage of any job in America. You also won’t have to worry about the stress of student debt making it impossible to start a family. To be qualified for a job in petroleum mining, you only need a Bachelor’s Degree in engineering!

Veterinarians Care About Your Happiness As Much As The Animals They Care For

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Being a veterinarian is a dream job for any animal lover. You get to take care of animals all day, making sure they’re healthy and happy before giving them back to their owners. That last part is the hardest, going home to an empty house after a day full of love.

Luckily, being a vet makes it easy to meet people. As a vet, you interact with the owner as well as the animal. On average, veterinarians encounter more bachelors on a day to day basis than any other profession. And in the last five years, 16 percent of single veterinarians found love and got married, well above the national average for other professions.

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Stay Away From Entertainers If You Want A Committed Partner

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Falling in love with, and then marrying someone in the entertainment industry could be the best decision you ever make. Just know that the odds of the marriage lasting are not in your favor. Actors and musicians have astronomical divorce rates compared with other professions.

Add in to that how little you’d be able to see your significant other with their on set hours and travel schedule, and it probably isn’t worth it. Do you really want to be in a relationship where you don’t actually feel like you’re in one?

Web Developers Have Developed Into Hot Nerds

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Before the internet took over the world, web developers had pretty unattractive reputations. Would you want to date a guy with a 7/11 Big Gulp on one side and bag of Doritos on the other? These days, web development has become one of the most sought after, and social jobs, in the United States.

Web developers have become public faces, and as such, have turned from ugly ducklings into Prince Charmings. It’s impossible to go through the magazine at your local market without seeing a picture of the next Mark Zuckerburg.They’re loyal companions too, with only a seven percent divorce rate across the profession.

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Dentists Love Getting Married And Hate Getting Divorced


The great thing about dentists is how much time they have on their hands to find love. On average, dentists make $150,000 a year AND set their own schedules. It’s basically the perfect profession for finding love on your own terms. And if you don’t believe us, the statistics back it up.

According to one study, dentists have an 80 percent marriage rate with a measly eight percent divorce rate. If there’s any downside to falling for a dentist, it’s that they can be hard to find. Only about 11 percent of them are newlyweds. Of course, if you change professions now, maybe those numbers will change!

If You Marry A Pilot You’ll Rarely See Them

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Being a pilot has a ton of perks. You get incredible pay and travel the world, all the while meeting new and interesting people. The problem is your partner is waiting for you to come home at night. Be prepared for a lot of loneliness. This might be a highly desirable job, but it’s a terrible one if you’re a hopeless romantic.

Barely seeing your partner can put a lot of strain on a relationship. It might show you a jealous side you never knew you had. At the same time, you might worry too much about the danger involved with flying a plane. The bottom line is this; if you find yourself falling for a pilot, you’ve now been warned about how it could all go wrong.

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Firefighting Is Surprisingly Fruitful When It Comes To Finding Love

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Firefighting is a dangerous job that forces you to be a specimen of physical fitness. But be careful — you might fall for a firefighter for their good looks but you’ll stay for their committed love. Not only will they rescue cats out of trees, they’ll save you from a life of cold nights alone.

On average, 70 percent of firefighters find themselves falling in love for the long haul. Of that number, only nine percent get cold feet at any point in the relationship. You might worry about how dangerous a firefighters job can be but don’t fear falling in love with one.

Environmental Scientists Are Getting Married At Record Rates

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If you’re an outdoorsy person and looking for someone who shares your interests, look no further than environmental scientists. They spend a lot of time outdoors and have a thirst for adventure. It’s also a profession being infused with youth, leading to high marriage rates.

According to one study, 16.4 percent of female environmental scientists got married in the last five years. That puts the 61 percent marriage rate on the rise, making the 11 percent divorce far less concerning that you’d think. If you’re looking for love and a hiking buddy, look no further than the environmental science field!

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Life Coaches Have No Time For Love, Only Their Clients

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Life coaches have all the answers, and that’s part of the problem of falling in love with one. There’s no way their job won’t bleed into their relationships, meaning sooner or later you’re going to be getting life advice you might not want to hear.

Not only can that be a problem but life coaches also need to be available to their clients all hours of the day. Remember that romantic dinner you were longing for where you get lost in conversation and each other’s eyes? It’s all good and romantic until their phone rings and they say, “excuse me, I have to take this.”

Physical Therapy Is Great For Men Looking For Love

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The field of physical therapy is heavily dominated by women. With three times more females than males, it’s a great profession for single men to look into. Just make sure if that’s you, you’re ready for a real commitment!

The numbers show that there is a 75 percent marriage rate among physical therapists. Of that, only six percent get divorced. Like we said, commitment is key if you’re seeking your soul mate in this profession. Then again, if you’re looking for true love, that shouldn’t be a problem.

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The Military Has The Highest Newlywed Rate Among Women

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The military isn’t just a boys club anymore. Among active members, women make up an increasing portion and are finding love at the highest rates. Blowing away every other career on this list, 28 percent of women in the military have gotten married in the last five years.

The biggest downside to dating while on active duty is that sometimes love can be more like lust. The divorce rate is a relatively high 14 percent when compared to the 49 percent overall marriage rate. Part of this can also be attributed to time spent deployed. Sometimes distance doesn’t make the heart grow fonder.

Restaurant Owners Are Married To Their Jobs

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You might love food, but be careful if you fall in love with the person who owns your favorite restaurant. This is one of the hardest professions to find love and maintain a relationship. Unless you’re opening and running a location with your partner, be prepared to play second fiddle; they will be married to their work.

It’s not really their fault. Running a successful restaurant just means you need to submit yourself to brutal hours. Profit margins can be low for even the highest seated establishments, so dedication is required to a relationship damaging fault.

Software Developers Are Multiplying In Numbers Rapidly

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If you’re tech savvy and looking for love, it’s time to consider a career in software development. Over the next decade, the space is projected to grow by 22 percent. The more people who get employed in the profession the more your chances increase of finding the perfect match.

Not only is the field growing, but men working in software development are as loyal as they come. Current numbers show there is a 70 percent marriage rate for men in the field with a minor six percent divorce rate. With the growth of the industry, the percentage of newlyweds should increase from 13 percent in no time as well.

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Pharmacists Don’t Take Their Work Home With Them

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When it comes to jobs within the medical profession, being a pharmacist might be the best. On average, you’ll make $114,000 in a low stress environment. And when you clock out you don’t take your work home with you.

Essentially, you work in social profession, aren’t exhausted at the end of the day, and work normal hours. Sounds like a pretty good deal. No wonder there’s a 67 percent marriage rate among female pharmacists as well as an odds favoring eight percent divorce rate.

Joining The Police Force Won’t Look Good On Your Dating Profile

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This probably doesn’t come as a major surprise, but it’s not attractive to be a cop in 2018. The reputation of police officers has plummeted in recent years after several less than flattering moments were captured on body cams. On top of that the job is dangerous, physically exhausting, and highly stressful.

That’s not to say that the police are bad people, or that you deserve to be looked at as a bad person for marrying an officer. It’s just become increasingly difficult in today’s America to fall in love with one without having yourself personally put under the microscope.

Railroad Conductors Are Suddenly In High Demand

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In today’s nostalgia culture what’s old is new again and railroad conductors have become a hot commodity in the dating world. Earning an average salary of $52,000 a year, you won’t have to worry about your partner abandoning for weeks at a time like you would a pilot.

Further proof for upswing in conductor love lays in the numbers. Over the last five years, 15 percent have become newlyweds. The divorce rate is 12 percent, but not every professional field is going to be filled with perfect romances.

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Civil Engineers Build Relationships That Last

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The job of a civil engineer is to design infrastructure like roads and bridges that will stand the test of time. Would you believe they do the same with relationships? In a survey taken of female civil engineers, only 10.7 percent got divorces and have not yet remarried while 62 percent are happily married.

The industry is seeing an infusion of youth too, with 15 percent of civil engineers getting married in the last half decade. If you want to find a partner truly committed to building bonds of love that won’t break, then you need to find yourself a civil engineer.

Just Say No To Dating Bartenders If You’re The Jealous Type

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If you fall in love with a bartender, we hope you’re not the jealous type. Dating a bartender can lead to a whirlwind of negative emotions if you don’t know what you’re getting into. They make great pay, but work odd hours and are flirted with by customers constantly. Does that sound like your ideal mate?

On the plus side, a good bartender will help you explore a variety of cocktails to help expand your palette. If you’re considering a move into the hospitality industry then a bartender might be perfect for you. Just make sure you take them along for the ride.

A Medical Scientist Will Make Sure You Have A Clean Bill Of Health


What exactly is a medical scientist, besides your next perfect love interest, of course? A medical scientist works to develop antibiotics and vaccines to keep the world population healthy. If public health and medicinal science is your passion, marrying a medical scientist would give you your happily ever after.

Overall, 74 percent of male medical scientists are married and are extremely loyal. The divorce rate is a tiny six percent. The only trouble is the industry is not growing, leading to a fairly disappointing 11 percent newlywed rate.

Occupational Therapists Understand How The World Works

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If you’re the kind of person who cares about the well-being and physical and mental health of others, you should either become an occupational therapist or marry one. If you don’t know, occupational therapists work with disabled, injured, and sick people to help them relearn everyday skills.

Occupational therapists are incredibly empathetic, and need a partner as sensitive as they are for a healthy relationship to flourish. If that’s not you, you won’t last long. Across the profession there is an 11 percent divorce rate compared to a 13 percent newlywed rate. That bares the question: How sensitive are you to others needs?