Make Money On eBay Selling These ‘Useless’ Items You’ll Never Need Again

Are you in need of some quick cash? Whether unexpected bills have come up, you’re preparing for a vacation, or you simply want to cushion your emergency cash fund, there’s a simple way to make some extra cash with items you probably have laying around your house. No, we’re not talking about family heirlooms and brand new items. Instead, why not use eBay to sell items you probably find “useless” but are actually worth a little bit of extra cash. You won’t get rich but these items you have no use for actually have value for other people.

Wait until you see how much money you can make from pine cones found around your yard.

Did You Ditch The Kuerig? Sell the K Cups!

Did you suddenly become environmentally conscious? Or perhaps your Keurig broke and you don’t want to replace it. Your unused K Cups can bring in a good amount of money.

eBay actions for 20 to 25 K Cups have experienced winning bids upward of $25. The selling price, of course, is based on the flavor of cups being sold. Seller Tip: Make sure you list the expiration date during the auction so buyers know your K Cups are still good to go.

Discontinued Items Sell Like Crazy

Do you have a formerly favorite shampoo product you are no longer using? Is there a toy laying around your house that is still fairly popular but not available for sale? Discontinued products sell for a good chunk of change once they are hard to come by through traditional retail channels.

Seller tip: Don’t discount the value of even the smallest items. Discontinued candy that isn’t expired can fetch anywhere from two to 10 times its original value on eBay.

Empty Egg Cartons Can Fetch A Decent Price

Guido Kirchner/picture alliance via Getty Images

I would never have thought that empty egg cartons would be a hot seller considering how cheaply eggs can be purchased at the local supermarket. Apparently, this is a pretty big market that gets plenty of eBay listings.

Seller Tip: You can sell 30 to 40 empty egg carton containers for around $25. You’ll get even more money if the cartons are vintage or unique in some way. One seller offered cartons with a misprint and earned even more cash. There really is a collector for just about everything these days.

Wine Corks and Bottle Caps

Maureen Sullivan / Contributor

If you watch DIY shows you have probably seen tables, chairs, and other artsy items made out of wine corks and bottle caps. Artists love to repurpose these items and the finished products can look really amazing.

Seller Tip: 300 wine corks are selling for around $20 in many eBay auctions. Just make sure you list them as new, used, or both. If you host a lot of parties or drink a lot of wine, why not help someone out while earning a little bit of extra cash.

Instruction Manuals For Hard To Find And Discontinued Items

There are many instruction manuals for popular items now available for download online. However, there are also many vintage items that you won’t find with a simple Google search. If you are in possession of instruction manuals for old electronics and other items you can make some quick cash selling them on eBay.

You’re not going to get rich selling these items but many manuals are selling for $5 to $20 each. Popular manuals include anything that requires maintenance that needs items to be taken apart and put back together.

Gift Cards Can Be Sent To Lucky eBay Buyers

Richard Levine/Corbis via Getty Images

The sale of gift cards is becoming a big business. Consumers are constantly looking for a slight discount for their favorite retailers and they’ll pay you for the right to use the gift cards you have in your possession.

The trick here is to offer a slight discount. For example, that $100 card to Target that you’re not going to use could be sold for $90. The buyer gets a 10% discount and you earn cash for your efforts. You can sell both physical and online gift cards using eBay.

Remote Controls

Andriy Onufriyenko / Contributor

Did you just buy a new TV? If you don’t need your remote control you could earn a few extra dollars by listing it on eBay. We’ve seen some remote controls sell for upwards of $25. Not bad for an item that probably would have ended up in the trash.

Seller tip: Be sure you are very clear about the model of TV that the remote belongs to. We also suggest checking with the manufacturer to get a full list of model numbers that the remote control will work with to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Pine Cones. Yes. Pine Cones

If you have pine trees that produce large pine cones you could find yourself on the receiving end of some decent cash. Head out into your back yard and collect ten of them then list the naturally occurring item on eBay.

Seller Tip: You want large pine cones because they are used in crafts and other projects. You can earn $6 for every 10 large pine cones you collect. Just make sure they are in great condition to ensure a happy seller rating. Wrap them nicely so they stay in excellent condition as well.

Don’t have any pine cones? Coming up is one solution that can earn you money from items you probably consume regularly. Plus, you’ll help a school in need.

Broken Electronics

Gregory Adams / Contributor

Think of broken electronics like parts from a junkyard. Some buyers don’t need a brand new laptop but they will jump at the chance to take that old Intel i7 processor out of your laptop or take apart other electronics for recycling purposes.

Seller tip: Format your hard drive several times and remove any other personal information before selling electronics on eBay. The last thing you want is someone getting a hold of your old tax returns and using that information to steal your identity.

Your Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

As the parent of three children I totally understand the appeal of empty toilet paper rolls. My children create dozens of crafts every month with an item I would formerly discard after they were empty.

Seller Tip: One auction on eBay has 117 rolls listed for $16. Just make sure you list the item as “Pre-Owned” and note in the auction that you are recycling the tubes. You want your buyers to know these were not manufactured specifically for craft use. Always be transparent while selling on eBay to maintain an excellent seller rating.

Box Tops For Education

Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images

Do you eat a lot of General Mills products? You have probably noticed the “Box Tops for Education” notices on those products. Start cutting out those box tops and saving them for sale on eBay.

Seller Tip: Schools often use box tops for education to win big prizes from General Mills. Others simply turn them in for much needed cash. We have seen 100 box tops sell for up to $26.99. If you just need a little bit of cash, price them item low. You’ll still earn money while helping fund much needed education in America.

Next up is an item that will earn you cash while saving your buyers some money!

Coupons Can Be Lucrative on eBay

While you probably won’t earn a ton of money selling a $.50 off coupon for Campbell’s soup, you could rake in the cash if you have an offer that is going to save an eBay buyer a ton of cash.

Seller Tip: Make sure to note the expiration date and any exclusions that apply. For example, there is currently one seller who is offering three Lowe’s coupons that are good for $20 off each purchase of $100 or more. The coupon’s are selling for $5. The buyer can save up to $60 for $300 in purchases.

You’ll be surprised to learn how much money you can make off your old empty makeup containers.

Craft Supplies Are A Big Hit

Many of us have been in the position where a Hobby Lobby or Michael’s sale was just too good to pass up. We stock our carts full of craft items and then three years later we discover that our craft hoarding has gotten out of control. While not selling your bulk supply of crafting materials for cash.

Seller Tip: Hard to find patterns sell really well and so do items that sell in bulk. If you have a lot of a certain item, try selling it in bulk for the biggest bang for your buck.

Old Software Floppy Disks and CDs

Martin Child / Contributor

You probably no longer have a computer with a floppy disk or even a CD tray for that matter but believe it or not there is still a market for those products. Vintage PC collectors, in fact, are all over a lot of that old software.

There is currently a Windows 3.11 operating system floppy disk selling on eBay for $11.99. I guess one man’s junk truly is another man’s treasure — at least on eBay.

Empty Makeup Containers Are Hot Sellers


I’m not really sure what the appeal is here but empty makeup containers seem to sell really well on eBay. We noticed a trend towards empty M.A.C. containers and they fetch some surprisingly good money. The Back To M.A.C program allows you to exchange six primary containers and get a free lipstick.

You can sell one dozen empty makeup containers for around $10 which isn’t a bad return on a product you were probably going to throw away. Plus, you get to help someone send in the empty containers for a discounted lipstick after they pay for your empties.

Our next item is worth a ton of cash. Hint, it’s an empty box!

Empty American Girl Boxes

You heard that right — empty American Girl boxes can fetch top dollar on eBay. This holds especially true if you have an empty box for a rare American Girl Doll, specially the “doll of the year” boxes that people are seeking out.

The ‘Kanani’ 2011 doll of the year box has sold for up to $78 as collectors look to place their rare collection in an original box for value and preservation purposes.

My Coke Rewards Sell Like Crazy

My Coke Rewards have been around for years and there is a group of people who collect them regularly. If you drink bottles of coke, diet coke, and other coke-based products you could make some easy cash by holding onto the lids from your favorite product.

Again, you won’t get rich by selling these items on eBay but 10 caps typically earn $3 per sale. Since you’re already drinking the product, why not get back $.30 per drink on average. Think of this like recycling while helping someone out at the same time.

A Season’s Worth Of Children’s Clothing

Melanie Stetson Freeman/The Christian Science Monitor/Getty Images

Children grow up so quickly and typically only wear their clothing a few times before they outgrown their pants, shirts, dresses, and other items. Many consignment stores exist solely for the purpose of selling infant and children’s clothing.

Seller Tip: If you have great taste in children’s clothing, try selling in bulk for an entire season or year. Many successful eBay sellers of children’s clothing will sell 30, 40 or even 50 outfits in bulk. Instead of $.25 for a single shirt at a yardsale you could earn $150 or $3 per outfit if you sell 50 items at once.

After you sell your children’s clothing in bulk, go look for old magazines and catalogues you like forgot about years ago… Here’s why!

Vintage Magazines and Catalogues — Even Ones You Wouldn’t Expect To Sell

The Pleasant Company American Girl catalogue from the 1993 winter collection sold for $29.95 on eBay. You can find a buyer for just about anything these days and apparently magazine and catalogues are hot items.

Seller Tip: You will want to list the condition of the items and you’ll get more cash for your old magazines if they are in perfect or near-perfect condition. If you’re a pack rat you could be rolling in some much needed cash by simply clearing out something you’ll likely never read again.

Old Coffee Mugs

Vintage coffee mugs have fetched some insanely high prices on eBay. For example, one 20oz cup from a Sydney, Australia Starbucks was listed for $45.

In some cases, buyers simply want to replace their favorite mug with an exact copy. In other cases, vintage cups are seen as collectors items and they are purchased not for use but for their appeal to a certain group of buyers. Either way, your old coffee cups could be worth a shockingly good amount of money.