You Might Be ‘Rich’ If You Earn Less Than $100,000 In These Cities

You might not be living in a mansion, eating caviar, and enjoying untold riches but you’re still living better than a majority of the population if your salary is closing in on $100,000 in these U.S. cities. The term “rich” can mean a lot of different things to different demographics. In any case, if you make less than six figures in these U.S. cities a study from GoBankingRates says you’re considered to be in the 80th or better percentile for earnings. That annual income makes you fairly rich in the eyes of many people.

If You Don’t Gamble Your Money Away Vegas Is A Safe Bet

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The city of sin has a lot going for residents who can manage to pull in close to $100,000. You’re considered to be in the 80th percentile if your combined family income is $99,470. The media home price isn’t too shabby at $393,600.

Local residents will tell you that it’s all about moderation and avoiding the strip. Local “off strip” Casino’s cater to residents with killer food deals and a ton of entertainment that’s relatively cheap when you avoid the city’s tourist traps.

Wait until you see how cheaply you can live in America’s “music city” — Nashville, Tennessee

Everything Is Bigger In Texas But Your Salary In Dallas Doesn’t Have To Be

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Take in a whopping $99,244 and you’re in the top 20th percentile in Dallas, Texas. This is a city that’s bustling with opportunity. Major technology companies have started to flock to the area in recent years and despite the influx of tech firms, you can still buy a top-tier home for a modest $396,400.

Throw in some Texas bbq, a moderate cost of living, and commuter traffic that won’t waste half of your life and it’s easy to see why so many people have made the move to Dallas over the last decade.

Albuquerque, New Mexico Lets You Live Big On A Smaller Salary

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If you earn $98,128 in Albuquerque you are in the top 20th percentile for income. Compared to some other locations the median cost of a top-tier home is also relatively low at $304,600. Keep in mind that US News & World Reports ranks job options on the lower side of the scale.

If you love the outdoors Albuquerque offers quick access to outdoor recreation that ranges from hiking and skiing to kayaking along the Rio Grande. The city is also famous for the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.

A Music Paradise On A Budget In Nashville, Tennessee

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Want to be in the top 20th percentile for income in Nashville, Tennessee? Earn $97,910 and you’re living a higher life than most of the city’s population. Home prices are a little more steep in the area at a median top-tier price of $430,100.

What you get for your money is a massive music scene, tons of world class bbq, and plenty of attractions the entire family can enjoy. The unemployment rate in Nashville is also low at just 3% which means job prospects are plentiful.

Prefer to live cheaply by the ocean? Our next example is a relatively cheap city in Florida.

St. Petersburg, Florida

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You can earn $99,470 and still be in the top 20th percentile for income in St. Petersburg, Florida. You can also buy a decent house for a media cost of $393,600. Throw in the fact that it’s the “sunshine city” and it’s easy to see why so many people flock to this locale.

Throw in award-winning beaches, a cultural center full of art museums, orchestras, and plenty of restaurants and it’s an area you can thoroughly enjoy with a rather small salary compared to the “rich” who live in bigger metro areas.

If big Texas living is more your style we have San Antonio on the way and it’s surprisingly cheap for such a well-known city.

Living ‘Rich’ In The South Is Just A Trip To Louisville Away

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If you want to experience some southern living and you’re looking for a city with a modest income to be considered “rich” you might want to check out Louisville, Kentucky. With an income of $95,483 you are considered to be in the 8th percentile. You can also buy a nice home in the area for just $277,700 — a practical steal for a city center.

Louisville is the 29th most-populous city in the United States and that means there are plenty of restaurants, an active social life, and lots of opportunity in general.

Kansas City, Missouri

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Kansas City, Missouri might not top your list of places to live but when earning just $95,477 you can live a “rich” life in the top 20th percentile for income. You can also buy a top-tier house in the area for just $321,100.

A relatively laid-back area, Kansas City is known for its barbecue with more than 100 restaurants to choose from. It also has a deep jazz heritage you can experience in the 19th & Vine Jazz District. Don’t forget to visit the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art with 40,000 works to experience.

Baltimore, Maryland Is Income Ready But House Heavy

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Like the other cities on our list you can make more than 80% of the population when earning under $100,000 in Baltimore — $95,111 to be exactly. However, the average price of a home in the city has continued to rise. A top-tier house will now cost you a median price of $467,300.

If you’re a history buff you’ll revel in the city’s rich history. This is the birthplace of the “Star Spangled Banner” and home to Civil War-era warship the USS Constellation, and the National Aquarium. The area is also bustling with plenty of shops, upscale crab shacks, and various other attractions.

San Antonio, Texas Lets You Live Big Because Everything’s Bigger In Texas

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$94,978 is all you need as a median income to live in the top 20% in San Antonio, Texas. You can also purchase a “top-tier” home for a median cost of $322,500. That home price should leave you with a nice disposable income.

This is another great options for history buffs thanks to the famous Alamo and an 18th-century Spanish mission preserved as a museum. Want to get out and explore? The San Antonio River features the miles-long River Walk with a historic promenade lined with cafes and shops.

Jacksonville, Florida Brings Us An Afforable Bustling Metro Area

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You’ll be living in the top 20th percentile for income if you earn at least $94,400 in Jacksonville, Florida. You’ll also pick up a “top-tier” home for a median purchase price of $351,900.

The area is known for its numerous museums and cultural centers. You can also swim and surf in the nearby barrier island beaches and take in the numerous zoos, parks, and other outdoor activities that are plentiful in Jacksonville.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Brings Blue Collar Prices To A City Landscape

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With a median income of $93,091 you can live in the top 20th percentile in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. You can also purchase a “top-tier” home for the ridiculously low price of just $263,600.

The city touts its “walkability” as a major selling point along with a host of family-friendly attractions. For the Millennial crowd, there’s Lawrenceville, a young “hipster” area that’s up and coming within the past few years. You can also stroll along Shadyside, another up & coming area bustling with local shops, bars, food, and more.

Another Pennsylvania favorite is coming up soon.

Mardi Gras Your Nights Away In New Orleans, Louisiana

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If you want to take in a ton of early American culture and party your nights away Mardi Gras style then New Orleans is probably on your list. A top 20th percentile income in the area is just $92,179 and a median top-tier home costs a relatively low $321,800.

If you’ve ever visited New Orleans you’re probably already well aware of its popular nightlife, its bustling artisan environment, and its ability to surprise you on a daily basis. We can’t leave out its amazing seafood — try the fried alligator!

Living The Good Life In Richmond, Virginia

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If you earn $91,506 in Richmond, Virginia you’re in the top 20th percentile income and you can buy a “top-tier” home for an average price of $362,300. The city also has a lot to offer for visitors and residents.

This colonial city is known for its beautiful brick row houses, quaint b&b’s and shops, and plenty of historical attractions. Recently, the city has also emerged as a hip place for a younger crowd. The city’s grittier up-and-coming Scott’s Addition features a large host of bars, distilleries, breweries, and meaderies.

Columbus, Ohio Is Cheap Living In The Midwest

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Jump into the top 20th percentile for income in Columbus, Ohio by earning a median income of $91,198. You can also purchase a “top tier” home for $332,700 which leaves a considerable amount of disposable income in your bank account.

With a population of nearly 900,000 residents, Columbus offers a host of big-city features with a small city feel.You can stroll along the Scioto Mile, a string of parks on both sides of the Scioto River, visit the COSI science center for hands-on exhibits, and even visit the German Villiage which features fully-restored brick houses built by settlers in the 1800s.

Providence, Rhode Island Is Lower Income But Higher Living

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If you live in Providence, RI and you make at least $88,406 you are in the top 20th percentile or the “richer” part of the city’s demographic. Unfortunately, a “top tier” home costs $453,100, one of the higher price points on our list.

There are some nice benefits to living in this city, including vibrant neighborhoods that offer their own modern and historic options. If you have a family there are plenty of zoo’s, children’s museums, and other attractions. If you’re young and looking for a good time the city is full of sporting events, shopping, and other cultural perks.

Indianapolis, Indiana Is Incredibly Affordable

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You can buy a “top tier” home in Indianapolis for just $271,500, one of the lower prices on our list. You are also considered “rich” by city standards if you earn at least $87,809 annually.

As the third most populated city in the Midwest, Indianapolis is home many family attractions, restaurants, a vibrant nightlife and, of course, the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway, home of the Indy 500. What you might not realize is that it also plays host to many beautiful parks, breweries, and numerous other attractions.

Orlando, Florida Is A Bustling But Rather Cheap City

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$87,199 a year to sit in the top 20th percentile and a “top tier” home for $351,900, that’s what living in Orlando, Florida is like for many people who choose to call the city home.

Move to Orlando for Disney World and Universal Studios and then stay for the numerous boutique shops, world-class dining experiences, and sunny weather. The city is always full of tourists which can make it the perfect spot to setup shop if you’re starting a retail business or looking to work in a big city with plenty of opportunity.

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

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The median income needed to be considered “rich” continues to drop when you move to Winston-Salem. You only need to earn $87,062 per year to be in the top echelon of the cities earners. You can also purchase a “top tier” home for the incredibly low price of $239,600.

Winston-Salem is a historic location settled by 18th-century Moravian settlers. Many of the city’s buildings have been restored to their former glory, including the Reynolda House Museum of American Art which showcases its collection in a 1917 mansion. This city is full of shops, gardens, restaurants, science exhibits, and much more.

Philadelphia Makes It Two Affordable Cities In Pennsylvania

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Pick up a job that pays $86,567 and you are immediately part of the top 20% of earners in this blue collar city. Just keep in mind that the median top-tier home price is a bit higher at $398,500.

Renowned for its sports teams, nightlife, and its numerous American Revolutionary sites, this iconic city features various neighborhood all with their own vibes. It’s also home to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, immortalized by Sylvester Stallone’s triumphant workout routine in the film “Rocky.”

El Paso, Texas Has Home Prices In Check / Joe Sohm / Getty Images

Buying a “top tier” home in area, even a non-city location can be expensive but El Paso, Texas has them listed for $190,800. You will also be in the top 80th percentile if your income is at least $86,307.

If living an outdoor lifestyle is important to you this might be your ideal location. You can hike inside of Franklin Mountains State Park where golden eagles are regularly spotted or take thepark’s Wyler Aerial Tramway to Ranger Peak for views of the city and Mexico. It’s not the most exciting city on our list but it’s financially a great deal.