Ripped-Off Rides: The Most Stolen New And Used Cars In The U.S.

Every year, over 750,000 vehicles are stolen in the U.S and of those that go missing, a mere 42% are recovered. For most of us, we depend on our vehicles for getting to and from work, taking kids to school, and running errands. They are an invaluable tool for our daily lives, and to have our car go missing is not only stressful and disruptive but also feels very personal, as we tend to get attached to our rides. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, these are the most stolen new and used vehicles in the U.S.

NEW – Nissan Altima

new nissan altima most stolen cars
Photo by Kevauto/Wikimedia Commons
Photo by Kevauto/Wikimedia Commons

In the top spot, with 1,153 cars being stolen yearly, is the Nissan Altima. Because it’s common and parts are interchangeable with other models and years, these cars are on the top of the list for car thieves. Even with key-less entry and start system, the Altima has been proven to be hackable. Thieves can intercept, amplify and transmit the signal from the key fob to get into and drive away in the car without much effort.

Theft Prevention Top Tip: Lock your car and take the keys with you; 60,000 cars a year are stolen because the keys are left inside.