PHOTOS: Jennifer Garner’s Swoon-Worthy Mansion In The Pacific Palisades

Who doesn’t love taking a peek into the homes of celebrities? Often purchasing extravagant homes around the Los Angeles area, celebrities live a life of luxury that most of us can only dream of. We’re especially interested when it comes to the homes of A-listers like Jennifer Garner, who boasts an estimated net worth of $60 million.

While the average American has a strict budget when it comes to owning a home (the average U.S. homeowner spends $1,443 a month on housing) Hollywood’s elite has their pick of the litter. When Jennifer needed temporary housing for her family, she chose a mansion in the Pacific Palisades.

Jennifer’s Mansion in the Pacific Palisades

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images/Compass

Jennifer and Ben Affleck’s divorce was finalized in October 2018, and it was time for Jennifer to formally move on. That included selling the couple’s ginormous Pacific Palisades estate. Once listed on the market, it was sold to Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine for $32 million.

After the home sold, the actress opted to purchase a smaller home for herself and her three kids, a fixer-upper in Brentwood Park for $7.9. But while that property was being renovated, Jennifer rented out a nearby mansion in the Pacific Palisades.

A Prestigious Zip Code


The Pacific Palisades is a gorgeous neighborhood of Los Angeles that anyone would call themselves lucky to live in. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, alongside Malibu and Santa Monica, the Pacific Palisades is home to A-list celebrities like Chevy Chase, Billy Crystal, Jamie Lee Curtis, Nicole Kidman, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

It’s an elite area with limited real estate and 25,000 residents. As of 2019, the median home value in the Pacific Palisades is over $3 million. Actress Jennifer Garner decided to rent out a mansion in the area, which averages around $10,731 a month.

Let’s take a tour of Jennifer’s gorgeous mansion!

11,000 Square Feet

Photo Credit: Compass

Take a look at this Nantucket-style beauty! Clearly, Jennifer has excellent taste when it comes to home design, as she’s now calling this gorgeous mansion home. Spanning 11,000 square feet, the mansion features six bedrooms, six baths, and two half-baths, which is plenty big for the family of four.

Standing at three stories, the Pacific Palisades mansion has enough beautiful rooms for everyone to spread out or spend time together in the same place.

A Light And Bright Foyer

Photo Credit: Compass

Here’s the first thing that guests see when entering the Nantucket-style home. The beautifully paneled walls are painted with a fresh white coat with dark wood floors and banister that defines the space well.

The panel detailing and dramatic high ceiling welcome everyone into this space that feels open and cozy all at once. The mansion already has a lived-in feel, allowing renters to feel right at home, even if it’s only temporary.

Calming Neutral Tones

Photo Credit: Compass

Already furnished, this Pacific Palisades mansion is designed with neutral tone walls and sofa chairs, with a vibrant velvet green sofa for added style.

The beautiful French doors tempt you to enjoy the breeze or step outside into the beautiful Southern California weather. While this mansion has some history to it, the paint and clean design give a fresh feeling to the space, a perfect room to relax in after a long day.

Beautiful Dining Decor

Photo Credit: Compass

An established dining room is a must for anyone living in a mansion. This home features a table that comfortably seats ten for a meal. It’s apparent that this room has been well taken care of, with gorgeous wallpaper, a gas-powered fireplace, and a chandelier dripping with crystals.

The tray ceiling in a beautiful sage tone is traditional for dining rooms and creates a more dramatic effect. It certainly fits in well with the overall style of the mansion.

Keep reading to see the contemporary country kitchen.

An Office With Natural Light

Photo Credit: Compass

Jennifer is a busy woman who spends long hours working on her successful career. When she needs to take calls and work from her computer at home, this room is a fantastic place to do it.

With plenty of natural light pouring in from multiple windows, this clean and serene space can inspire some great work. Why tuck away in a dark study when you can take in the day’s light and let your creativity breathe?

A Contemporary Kitchen Inspired By Country

Photo Credit: Compass

Although Jennifer has been in the limelight since 2001 when she took on the starring role of Sydney Bristow in Alias, she’s maintained her down-to-earth personality. Jennifer’s fan base has remained loyal to the star as she never lets them down with candid interviews, activism, and generous donations to charity.

This contemporary country-style kitchen will suit the actress just fine, with plenty of space for her children to post up at the kitchen island and eat breakfast together.

Open Living Space For Everyone

Photo Credit: Compass

Just look at the amount of space Jennifer and her family have in this living area and kitchen! Most likely remodeled from its original layout, Jennifer’s Pacific Palisades mansion has plenty of square footage for the kids to run around and stretch out while still being together as a family.

Not one, not two, but three sets of French doors open out to the backyard patio, allowing for that cool Pacific Ocean breeze to flow freely through the home.

Wait until you see what else is out there…

A Fun and Beautiful Girl’s Room

Photo Credit: Compass

Jennifer has three children with her ex-husband: two daughters, Violet and Seraphina, and one son named Samuel. Likely one of the girls claimed this bedroom. Can you imagine living here as a child?

The playful decor in this room brightens up the space while French doors open up to a private patio. The dark wood floors from the foyer carry into the second story, as seen here. Add a few of her favorite toys and this room is a dream.

A Gorgeous En-Suite Guest Room

Photo Credit: Compass

In an average home, this would be considered the master suite, but in this Pacific Palisades mansion, this is simply an en-suite guest room. If Jennifer has a family member or nanny staying with her, this is the perfect room for them to have privacy while remaining close to others.

Seeing as this property is 11,000 square feet, each of the six bedrooms has substantial size to them. Yep, it’s definitely a mansion!

A Junior Master Suite

Photo Credit: Compass

Another gorgeous bedroom, this is the junior master suite. It appears that each of the bedrooms features its own set of French doors and patio. This room also features a fireplace and a living space with a large plum sofa.

The chandelier and delicate light fixtures maintain the classic Nantucket-style feel of the mansion that seems to fit Jennifer’s classic and clean style. We wonder if any of the kids were lucky enough to score this room!

If this is the junior suite, imagine what the master looks like!

Sophisticated Style Bathroom

Photo Credit: Compass

Imagine walking into this bathroom every morning to get ready for the day. Brightly colored with plenty of natural light, this elegant upstairs bathroom features beautiful tile work and a rain shower head– but it wouldn’t be a bad place to take a bath, either!

A marble countertop and old fashioned sink fixtures tie in the classic feel. Every room of this Pacific Palisades mansion embraces light and airiness.

Jennifer’s Master Suite

Photo Credit: Compass

Of course, the best bedroom in the house will be occupied by Jennifer. And look at this stunning master suite! This space is full of hygge vibes, with soft, plush pillows, throws, and area rug.

This elegant master bedroom features a marble fireplace, mounted TV, and French doors to the large private balcony. If you think this is nice, see the master closet on the next slide! We’re starting to see why Jennifer rented this particular mansion…

A Walk-In Closet For A Queen

Photo Credit: Compass

No doubt Jennifer has a large wardrobe and shoe collection- the number of red carpet appearances she’s made must be in the hundreds! Intuitively knowing whoever moves into this mansion must have a substantial wardrobe, the home was designed with an entire “dressing room”.

Beautiful floor-to-ceiling built-ins accommodate all of Jennifer’s shoes, bags, and other accessories while a large plush ottoman is perfectly placed to lay things out and get organized.

The Master Bathroom Is Everything You’d Expect

Photo Credit: Compass

Jennifer’s master bathroom of her Pacific Palisades mansion is everything that you’d expect in a gorgeous house like this. The white Nantucket style is carried into this room as well, with beautiful white trimmed windows, a light white-grey tiling, and marble countertops.

The freestanding bathtub looks absolutely divine for relaxing after a long day. This bathroom has some serious square footage for relaxation and privacy that Jennifer has no doubt earned!

Up next… what you’d expect to find in a Hollywood star’s home.

State-of-the-art Home Theater

Photo Credit: Compass

Of course, when you’re a star of television shows and films, you need to have an incredible entertainment system. This mansion does cross that item off the list with a large home theater for Jennifer, her kids and guests to enjoy.

Imagine having this in your home as a kid! You could invite all of your friends over for an incredible sleepover. But really, look at the leather seats and blackout windows… this is ideal at any age.

Billiards Game Room

Photo Credit: Compass

Another great space for entertaining, the Pacific Palisades mansion also has a game room with a billiards table. (Now you’re beginning to see just why this rents for nearly $11,000 a month, yes?)

This isn’t your average game room, however. Like the rest of the Nantucket-inspired home design, this space is tastefully decorated, with a darker hue of paint on the walls and the same tray ceilings that we saw in the dining room.

Outdoor Living Space

Photo Credit: Compass

Remember the beautiful outdoor patio and backyard that we saw off of the kitchen and open living room? Here it is! The outdoor area features another large table that seats ten, a beautifully manicured lawn, and an outdoor fireplace, grill, and separate seating area.

Living in Los Angeles, the weather is always calling for you to spend time outside, and living within a short distance of the ocean, Jennifer’s mansion gets plenty of cool ocean breeze. If it’s too cold, simply flip on that heat lamp!

Beautiful And Secluded Swimming Pool

Photo Credit: Compass

The pool is not only gorgeous on its own but having a view of the beautiful white mansion in the backdrop really makes this outdoor living space serene. One look at this area could easily lead someone to rent the mansion… if they can afford the price tag!

This is a great space for Jennifer and her three kids to enjoy the warm weather, swim around and float in the pool. When you’re an A-list star like Jennifer, you need your privacy and this pool offers just that.