Jobs That Are Going Extinct In Front Of Our Eyes

When blacksmiths were fitting shoes to horses and long distances were traveled by horseback and buggy, it was a good bet that their profession would be safe for a long time. Then came the industrial revolution and soon cars far outpaced buggy sales with added convenience. In 2018, we are faced with a similar situation as technology replaces some jobs while others are outsourced overseas. The Bureau of Labor Statistics warns that the following jobs are likely to witness drastic declines by 2026.

Parking Enforcement Is Poised For Some Big Layoffs

Danny Lawson / PA Images/ Getty Images
Danny Lawson / PA Images/ Getty Images

The United States is home to 263.6 million vehicles and that equates to a whole lot of parking tickets. In Los Angeles alone a dedicated team of parking enforcement officers dole out about 2.5 million citations every year. Many jobs in the space could soon be removed because of technological advances.

Expected Job Loss by 2026 is estimated at 3,300. This isn’t just an issue involving self-driving cars and Uber rides. The Bureau of Labor Statistics points to smart meters which are allowing drivers to check on their available time left from their smartphone. Running out of time? Simply pay for a longer stay.