The Million Dollar Treasure That The Cast Of “Storage Wars” Missed Out On

Who knew auctioning off storage units and rifling through them could cause so much drama? Everyone who watched Storage Wars, that’s who. If you’re a fan of the show like we are, then you know how entertaining it can all be. From the crazy personalities to the incredible treasures found inside, every episode is exciting.

Of course, nothing is ever perfect in the reality show world. Some even claim that it’s completely rigged. Check out the behind-the-scenes secrets of Storage Wars, the most bizarre items found inside the units, and the scandals surrounding the cast of the show.

Hester Says It’s Fake, And A&E Didn’t Argue It

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Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

Dave Hester is one of the most opinionated cast members on and off the show. In 2012, he claimed that the show was completely rigged, and that producers stash items in the units.

Usually, we take Hester’s words with a grain of salt, but it was pretty suspicious that A&E didn’t even try to refute it. They just said Hester was free to have an opinion.

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